And we are off!

We've had many up and downs, and everything has ended up taking so much longer than anticipated, but finally we are off the ground (albeit a couple of months later than we had hoped).

There have been many sleepless nights (and tearing out of hair) along the way but it's exciting to finally see all our hard work come to fruition and to admire our product on the shelves.

We are currently just stocked in a few local shops, but you can buy an introductory pack of 3 pouches for just £5, here. Apologies that you cannot purchase just 1 pouch online but in terms of postage and packaging, it just didn't add up. We're certain you will love it, so the 3 pouches won't go to waste.

Just so you know, each pouch holds enough dressing/marinade for 3-4 meals - a little goes a long way!

Gregor's Dressing & Marinade is entirely free of additives and preservatives and is also dairy, wheat and gluten free.

We make (and pack) all of our pouches ourselves in a rented kitchen in North London. The kitchen is also occasionally used by a lovely man who makes nutrition bars, which include nuts and sesame seeds, so, although it is highly unlikely there is any cross-contamination (and, we are scrupulously clean) we thought it best to let you know.

We'd like to thank all those along the way who have helped us out, in particular Shona Andrew for her fantastic branding, Mark Reeve for his spot on caricature of Gregor, Cara Leighton for invaluable advice on starting a business (and for making scrummy crisps), Debora Robertson for foodie & packaging advice, Tony Horrocks for all the techie stuff, and the lovely Dominic at Mother Earth for taking the plunge and being the first to stock us in his 3 fabulous shops. Oh and lets not forget Rob Dunne (who suggested it as a marinade for chicken) - which is kinda our favourite usage, (plus he makes the best coffee in town). Oh and of course Brendan McGuinness (without his deep pockets, this would still be a dream)

Big shout out to all you lovely people!

Also, so many people in the industry have been very forthcoming with advice and tips for starting a foodie business. We are loving Tessa Stuart's book, and can also recommend The Olive Grows for services when starting up.

It's been a long slog but we have already learned so much. Support from our local community has been great. People really do like to encourage small, local businesses, which is great.

We hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather and will give us a try. Check out our All About Umami page for ideas and inspiration.

Any questions or comments please do get in touch.


Gregor & Loretta