All About Umami

Umami is one of the five basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Originally a loan word from the Japanese , umami can be translated "pleasant savoury taste"

A great example of rich umami flavour would be the delicious, caramelised, sticky bits left in the bottom of the pan after roasting meat that make the base for your gravy, or, the crispy gooey leakage of cheese from a toasted sandwich that sticks to the pan. Yum!

Many foods are rich in umami. Naturally occurring in meats and vegetables (eg: mushrooms, ripe tomatoes, spinach, celery), in fish (especially anchovy) and shellfish and in fermented and aged products such as cheeses (specifically parmesan), shrimp pastes and soy sauce etc. 

Gregor's Original (because, there will be more!) Umami Dressing and Marinade adds a mouthwatering explosion of flavour to any savoury dish.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Deglaze your roasting dish with a splash of wine, then add Gregor's to make a really rich gravy 
  • Add to savoury sauces
  • A good glug into stews, ragu, pasta sauces, meatloaf, burger mix, and chilli con carnes will really bring out the flavour
  • Ditto with risottos, stirfrys and soups
  • Rub over raw meats, fish or vegetables and leave to marinade before cooking (a good drizzle after cooking wouldnt go amiss)
  • When roasting a chicken: separate the skin from the breast and pour a couple of glugs under the skin massaging well. While cooking, baste the chicken regularly with the juices. Mmmm Mmmm. A trickle of Gregor's over crispy roast potatoes just before serving also hits the spot
  • Use to dress salad leaves (particularly good on bitter leaves)
  • Drizzle over grilled cheese (very good over goats cheese served with a handful of salad)
  • Or, if you don't fancy cooking, just use Gregor's as a dip with crudites and fresh crusty bread

We are certain you will come up with many other ideas for Gregor's Original Umami Dressing and Marinade so please do let us know.