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Summery Squid Salad

With the heatwave upon us, this is a fantastic light, crunchy, colourful dish that is a doddle to make and looks so pretty. We BBQ'd our squid but if you don't have a BBQ you can just as easily sear the squid for thirty seconds in a very hot pan for a similar result. As with any seafood, you want the squid to be as fresh as possible so try to source a decent fishmonger. We buy all our fish from Danny at The Fishery and would thoroughly recommend them for North Londoners. They are now open till 7.30pm so no excuse not to have fresh fish on your plate!

Serves 4


600gms of squid (ask yr fishmonger to prepare it for you to save time)

3 medium sized carrots

I large bulb of fennel

2 chioggia beetroot & 2 golden beetroot (if you can't get these, normal beetroot is fine but it will be a bit more messy: nb you don't cook the beetroot)

I cos lettuce (2 if they are small)

A bunch of coriander

1 small red onion

1 large red chilli (I like it hot but you can adjust to your liking)

Juice of 2 limes

Roughly 25ml Gregor's

pretty, pretty chioggia beetroot!

The Low-Down:

To prepare the squid, either cut the body into large rings or slice through one side, lay it out flat and cut into big chunks - then score the chunks in a criss-cross pattern with a sharp knife. Depending on the size of the tentacles, cut them in half or just leave whole.

Next, rustle up yr salad. I don't bother peeling veg, I just give them a good scrub under a cold tap. Into a bowl, tear your cos into largish chunks of leaves, add the onion (finely sliced), the fennel (sliced into chunks), the carrots (sliced into batons), and the beetroot (cut into slices, then halfed). Next, chop up yr chilli (I leave the seeds in) and add, along with the juice of the limes, to Gregor's Dressing and mix well.

Bung your squid on the BBQ until cooked (about 30 seconds) ,then add your squid to the salad. Pour over the dressing, then mix the leaves of coriander through the salad.

I like to serve this with fresh Turkish flat bread and BBQ'd corn on the cob. Mmm Mmm